Do You Offer any discounts on bangles?

We value our partnerships with our designers, therefore, out of respect for their craft, discounts are only extended during sample sales and other special promotions.

What Range of our GIFT List?
We work with over thousands of products and experiences for you to choose from. Don’t let our selection limit you - if there’s something you’d like to choose that we don’t feature on our website, you can add up to ten Custom Products. All product prices are set at the recommended retail price, so that you can be confident that you and your guests are getting value for money.
What if we have already a GIFT List elsewhere?

What if we have already a GIFT List elsewhere?

Some of our couples like to register for more than one gift list service. However, having multiple gift lists might get confusing for your guests. We are confident that at Alkashringar our service covers all your gift list needs. You can add unlimited items from us, up to ten Custom Products, honeymoon bangle product, Haldi bangle product etc all in one list. Contact us for more information..

When Should we set up our GIFT LIST?

When Should we set up our GIFT LIST?

We recommend that you should aim to publish your gift list before you send out your wedding invitations. We provide complimentary cards that you can include within your invitations to let your guests know where to find your gift list. We know how busy planning a wedding can be, so we offer a flexible and personal service giving you the freedom to set up your wedding list whenever you like, from over a year before the wedding to the very last minute. You can even manage and change your list right up to your wedding day!

Is there a fee to use a weeding shop GIFT List?

Is there a fee to use a wedding shop GIFT List?

We’re proud to provide a completely free of charge service to our couples, including storing your gifts for up to the offer period in all over INDIA, at a time that suits you. There is a 2% handling fee for guests pledging money to any wedding gift cash funds or honeymoon contributions, but that’s it – other than that it won’t cost a penny. See our T&Cs for more information

When is my bangles arriving?

The waiting is the hardest part! We send our brides away with an estimated ship date on their ‘Bride Guide’ and that is still the date we are holding our designers to.

The designers always ensure us that they are working to meet the date range we quoted you, but they do not provide us with updates during production. You’ll hear from us if there are any exceptions. Otherwise please hold tight until you get an email with the confirmation that your bangles has arrived. We know that can be tough to hear, especially closer to the delivery date, but it helps us control our large email inflow so we can keep focused on giving excellent customer service in our appointments!

How do I save my wishlist?

We prefer that you build your wishlist BEFORE booking an appointment, so that it will save to your appointment notes on our end. Then your stylist will have access to your wishlist to ensure the most successful appointment.

Do you have plus size samples?

Of course!  We do our best to accommodate as many beautiful body types as possible with our sample bangles.  For this reason, the majority of our samples are sizes 2.8 and 2.10.If you would like to speak to someone about what we have in your size, please send the location you would like to visit and email directly.


Do you do fittings in your shop?

We have styler in our stores, they have all of the tools at their fingertips. We don’t have any required fittings packages, which means you only pay for what you need to have done to make your bangles fit like a glove. Make sure you factor in these third party fees, which could range from INR    to INR   + when budgeting for your bangle.


Will I need another appointment after one?

When ordering, your personal stylist, will guide you through choosing a size that’s closest to you – setting you up for the best starting point possible for anything.

Remember that a stress free timeline for any issue is 1 month. If you are working on a short timeline, your stylist can refer you to third-party that can accommodate you!